CNA Diagnostics Inc. is developing novel markers for chronic diseases in

humans, production animals and pets, which can be used for accurate, rapid

and cost-effective testing using serum samples. In most diseases, which CNAD

has worked on thus far, the markers are present before the first clinical signs.

This allows early intervention and improves the long-term outcome for

patients affected by a particular disease.


CNAD compares the DNA molecules contained in the serum of individuals with the

condition to controls to identify regions in the host genome, which are only present

in the serum of affected individuals. As CNAD studies a time-series (i.e. multiple

serum samples) of each individual, it can determine the earliest time point at which

it is possible to reliably detect the presence of the disease.


CNAD is also developing high-throughput screening protocols and tests, which will allow it to screen millions of individuals/animals per year. In the future, CNAD hopes to establish multiplex tests, which can be used during routine procedures, such as annual checkups that will be informative for the presence of early stages of a multitude of chronic diseases simultaneously, thus improving the chances for healing as well as the quality of life.





CNAD's technology will provide the possibility for accurate diagnostic tests in the earlier stages of chronic diseases than those that are used today. CNAD's technology uses serum as the specimen, which is readily accessible and available already during routine testing procedures (non-invasive diagnostics). In the future, it may be able to test for multiple conditions simultaneously, thus widening the range of chronic diseases, which can be determined at the earliest stages during routine testing procedures.




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