CNA Rapid Sepsis Dx

CNAD has conducted multiple studies on sepsis patient populations and can diagnose the disease before symptoms with its proprietary diagnostic assay – CNA Rapid Sepsis Dx – with the following rates of accuracy:

These results compare against the gold standard molecular test for sepsis – BRAHMS – using the biomarker Procalcitonin with a mean sensitivity of approximately 75% and specificity of 79% and its use at the point of ordering a culture (i.e. significant symptoms already present).

CNA Rapid Sepsis Dx uses standard and cost effective Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) diagnostic equipment to ease customer adoption.

We are concluding work to finalize the commercial test including the addition of a bacterial vs. fungal sepsis diagnosis, and potentially a Gram-positive vs. Gram-negative bacteria diagnosis before symptoms present.

The CNA Rapid Sepsis Dx blind results are better than anything available in the market today both in terms of test accuracy and how early a diagnostic result can be obtained. We believe this test will have a profound positive impact on worldwide healthcare systems and patient outcomes.

Understanding Sepsis

Sepsis impacts the lives of >30M people annually and kills >6M globally. It is one of the largest costs to the global healthcare systems.

For many years, it was believed that pathogen invasion was responsible for the damage seen in sepsis. Today, sepsis is being redefined as a dysregulated host response to infection.

The early diagnosis of sepsis, when coupled with early treatment, reduces a hospital’s overall cost of treatment, leads to improved patient outcomes, improves compliance with insurance coding for reimbursement claims, and contributes to a reduction of sepsis impact to a hospital’s environment.

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