Diagnostic methods are evolving to measure the reaction of the host to a specific disease challenge rather than attempting to directly detect an antibody or pathogen.

CNAD’s technology platform delivers a repeatable and scalable process for molecular diagnostic assay development. Our bioinformatics platform and team of experts identify host biomarkers at very early stages of disease progression.

We develop diagnostic assays that can be run in a matter of hours on standard qPCR equipment. CNAD has successfully demonstrated proof of concept with studies completed on radiation in rats, chronic wasting in elk, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in cattle, and sepsis in humans.


CNAD’s proprietary technology provides the possibility for accurate diagnostic tests to be used in the early stages of diseases. CNAD’s technology uses serum as the specimen, which is readily accessible and available already during routine testing procedures (non-invasive diagnostics).

No sample preparation steps or reverse transcriptase is required when running the diagnostic assays. Simply pipette serum into the qPCR well, add the kit reagents and close the lid to run the machine. It’s that easy.

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